It all started with winning one of the most prestigious awards in our industry. When you are a small Bulgarian company, winning the Kind und Jugend Innovation Award is not just an honor but rather a turning point in our lives. It made us rethink our entire business model.

We embarked on a new mission, which would allow us to evolve from a simple manufacturer of children’s clothing, to a socially responsible company, capable of making a difference and changing children’s lives for the better.

The idea for our “Sleeping Bag on a Mission” and sleep safety campaign was born. We first started in Bulgaria, donating newborn sleeping bags to more than 45 hospitals and 9 centers for medical and social care.


When visiting several labour and delivery units, we also paid close attention to the needs of premature babies. From the moment they take their first breath, these brave little souls fight a daily battle for their lives. They inspired us to pour all our know-how into the design of an infant sleeping bag, specifically created for the needs of premature babies, a truly unique and innovative product. Each family with a premature born baby can order a sleeping bag free of charge on our website, because we firmly believe that these families need all the support they can get and their children deserve the best and the safest products from day one.

We use only the highest quality, Ökotex certified materials, purchased from France and Belgium. Our products are made with the best poppers and zippers from Japan, nickel and lead free. The Angel Baby sleeping bags have won some of the most prestigious awards and certificates, and are made according to the highest safety standards.

Our designs have been developed in close partnership with neonatologists, pediatricians and orthopedics, as well as with you - the parents. Each and every child has different needs, depending on her age and situation, however one thing babies have in common - they all need to be safe and secure while asleep. Knowing that your child is safe gives you, the parents, a peace of mind, because you too deserve a good night sleep.

Each one of our products has been developed with great thought and care, keeping even the smallest detail in mind.  The newborn sleeping bags and sleep systems present a year-round solution for the new parent, ensuring that the child’s body temperature is just right throughout the night. According to newest studies, the use of newborn sleeping bags can decrease the risk of the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and prevent hip dysplasia in newborns.

The sleeping bags with feet present a comfortable solution for toddlers and older children. With their integrated socks and built in stretch bands underneath the armpits they guarantee full movement freedom during the night.

The three different warmth grades will ensure the comfort of your child during all seasons and guarantee their safe sleep (and yours too) at home and on vacation.

This is us, Dessi and Dimitar, the founders of Sleeping Bag on a Mission. We are dreamers, we are doers and we believe in miracles. Most of all, we believe in good and the opportunities we are given to make good. Thank you for supporting us and becoming part of our mission. By purchasing an Angel Baby sleeping bag you make it possible to donate sleeping bags to the families of premature born babies.

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